FAKE IT SO REAL dives head-first into the world of independent pro wrestling. Filmed over a single week leading up to a big show, the film follows a ragtag group of wrestlers in North Carolina, exploring what happens when the over-the-top theatrics of the wrestling ring collide with the realities of the working-class South.

Gabriel is the rookie trying make it to the Big Time and be a part of this family of tough guys. Jeff is the leader who may miss his first show in ten years, due to an unexpected and debilitating injury. J-Prep, Zane, Pitt, Solar and the rest of the crew each face obstacles on their way to the big show. They aren’t paid for their passion, but they treat wrestling like any artist treats his work. This is a film about doing something real.





Chicago, IL

April 20-26, 2012


Portland, OR

April 27, 2012


April 14, 2012

March 29, 2012

March 23 - 29, 2012

March 16 - 22, 2012

February 14, 2012

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May 15, 2012: FAKE IT SO REAL is now available on iTunes !!!

May 15, 2012: You can BUY the film, PRE-ORDER the DVD, READ great press or WATCH promos, all on the Factory 25 page

May 11, 2012: VIDEO: Michael Tully sits down with Robert Greene to examine his dark secrets of self-promotion

April 19, 2012: Roger Ebert gives FAKE IT SO REAL 3.5 stars, saying it's "alive at every moment" and it "filled me with affection"

April 19, 2012: Time Out Chicago gives FAKE IT 4 stars

April 18, 2012: Ray Pride of New City Film picks FAKE IT as his newest "RECOMMENDED" release

April 17, 2012: Great review in the Chicago Reader. FAKE IT SO REAL opens Friday at the Facets Cinematheque.

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March 16, 2012: The San Francisco Chronicle praises FAKE IT and it's universal appeal

January 12, 2012: The Wall Street Journal examines the "nearly boundless entertainment value" of FAKE IT

January 12, 2012: The New York Times praises FAKE IT SO REAL and it's "sheer carnival hokum"

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Jnauary 4, 2012: Keep up with the Factory 25 FAKE IT page and catch new promos from filmmakers every day

January 3, 2012: Tickets now onsale for FAKE IT at the ReRun

December 29, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL to open theatrically in NYC! Playing the ReRun Gastropub Theater starting January 13th.

December 27, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL makes makes The Documentary Blog's Top 20 Films of 2011 list!

November 9, 2011:Star News Online examines FAKE IT leading up to Cucalorus and the film's NC premiere

November 5, 2011: The Bloodshot Eye previews the upcoming IndieMemphis screening

November 1, 2011: FAKE IT to play Festival dei Popoli International Docuemntary Film Festival

October 20, 2011: FAKE IT to play Indie Memphis in November

October 15, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL will have it's International premiere at CPH:DOX!

October 7, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL will have it's North Carolina premiere at this year's Cucalorus Film Festival!

September 28, 2011: The Portland Phoenix spotlights FAKE IT for the upcoming Camden International Film Festival

September 15, 2011: Videofest founder Bart Weiss discusses FAKE IT in his latest video post

September 08, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL to play Dallas Videofest!

September 01, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL to play the Camden International Film Festival!

August 24, 2011: Variety calls FAKE IT "an affectionate portrait of an all-American subculture"

August 23, 2011: Movie.com reviews FAKE IT SO REAL

August 23, 2011: The Alamo Drafthouse Blog previews the upcoming Austin screenings

August 01, 2011: Video of Pitt's emmotional speech from Rooftop

July 31, 2011: The Rooftop Films blog recaps "one of the most anticipated events in the Rooftop calendar"

July 30, 2011: iPhone video from the already infamous Rooftop Films Q&A with Heel Robert Greene

July 30, 2011: The MWF homepage announces the results from the Rooftop match

July 29, 2011: POV blog recaps the sold-out Rooftop screening

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July 23, 2011: The Boston Phoenix says "See this Film!" about FAKE IT

July 22, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL trailer featured and reviewed in Slash Film

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July 19, 2011: MWF's Chris Solar breaks down FAKE IT's upcoming Northeast run in his newest promo video

July 18, 2011: Jay Cheel shares his thoughts on FAKE IT SO REAL on the latest Film Junk podcast. (segment begins around 1:34:10)

June 23, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL to play The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin!

June 2, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL to play The Awesome Fest

June 2, 2011: DIG Boston calls FAKE IT "riveting and insightful"

May 30, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL to play The DocYard

May 25, 2011: FAKE IT's Rooftop Films screenings mentioned in The New York Press summer preview

May 24, 2011: Check out the new MWF website, home of the stars of FAKE IT SO REAL

May 23, 2011: The Village Voice calls FAKE IT SO REAL a "riveting vérité doc" in their summer movie preview

May 13, 2011: Our Rooftop event mentioned by Richard Brody in his New Yorker blog

May 12, 2011: FAKE IT is mentioned in the NY Times in their great article about summer outdoor screenings!

May 12, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL is one of Time Out NY's 5 picks for the 2011 Rooftop Films Summer Series

May 11, 2011: FAKE IT director Robert Greene is quoted in this great preview of Rooftop Films by The Wall St Journal

May 9, 2011: It's official: our Rooftop Films screening will be July 28th

May 4, 2011: We're one of the Baltimore Sun's top picks for the Maryland Film Festival

May 3, 2011: The City Paper in Baltimore on FAKE IT: "A beautiful slice of small-town awesomeness"

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April 19, 2011: Some audio interviews from this past weekend, including one with Mean Gene from the red carpet in Sarasota!

April 19, 2011: L Magazine is as excited about the 2011 Rooftop Summer Series as we are!

April 18, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL is going to Rooftop for the biggest film event of the summer!

April 16, 2011: "Mean" Gene Okerlund talks FAKE IT SO REAL and wrestling at last night's Q&A at the Sarasota premiere!

April 1, 2011: The Sarasota Film Fest blog looks at FAKE IT and talks to director Robert Greene

March 30, 2011: Sarasota's WQ Mag gives a great (and personal) preview of FAKE IT SO REAL

March 18, 2011: Screening times for Sarasota announced

March 15, 2011: The lovely contingent from Branchage Jersey International Film Festival has some very nice words for FAKE IT on their blog

March 11, 2011: Check out Slant Magazine on FAKE IT SO REAL's "triumphant, ball-busting climax."

March 10, 2011: ***We're proud to announce that FAKE IT SO REAL will make its World Premiere at the 2011 Sarasota Film Festival in April!

March 7, 2011: indieWIRE lists FAKE IT as one of "Eight Documentaries You Must See"

March 6, 2011: FAKE IT SO REAL had three great packed screenings at True/False! Thanks to everyone who came out!

March 5, 2011: FAKE IT star Zane Riley launches "Booze, Beards, and Independent Wrestling"

March 3, 2011: VOX Mag on FAKE IT: "The documentary expertly captures the endearing qualities of its featured men"


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